Music for Ballet Class by Anna Korab
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Anna Korab is one of the most popular and beloved pianist/composers in the business of Ballet, Broadway, and Dance. She has written music for film, theater, stage productions and radio. She was the music director for the grand performance "Zoran Gabor and his Fiery Gypsy Orchestra" at the United Nations in New York City in 1990.

She played for the famous Les Ballets Trocadero de Monte Carlo and for ballet artists and masters such as Vladimir Dokoudovski, Igor Youskevich, Madame Pereyaslavec, David Howard, Finis Jhung, Igal Perry, Mikhail Baryshnikov and many other ballet luminaries.



"Anna Korab is not just a skillful, virtuoso musician, she is an inspiration! My demand of music for my ballet class is extremely high, and while there are many musicians who may answer some aspects of what is required, Anna Korab's music embodied ALL the elements which make it so RIGHT. Her music is as rhythmical as it is melodic, crisp as it is flowing. She understands the essence of the exercises and composes the music to support them seamlessly and naturally."
—Igal Perry - Artistic Director of Peridance Center, NYC.

"Anna Korab's passionate way of playing for the ballet class and the energy of her music paves the way for dancing 'from the heart.' Anna's music is original, different, and makes the routine work fun."
—Graciela Kozak - trained at the Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She danced and performed around the world in works by Alvin Ailey, Paul Taylor, Igal Perry, Donald McKayle, and many others.

"Anna is one of the greatest. It is almost impossible for dancers to stand still when they hear her driving rhythms and lush melodies. Her awareness of dance ensures that not only the base tempo but also the subtleties of phrasing are perfect for each combination."
—Kenny Larson - former principal dancer at National Ballet Canada and Les Grands Ballet Canadiens. He continues to dance around the world as a guest artist with companies, dance theaters, and festivals.

"Anna Korab is an exceptional pianist with a lot of passion and unique style. Her music puts you in a great mood and makes you want to work hard, even on lazy or rainy days. The melodies stay with you for the rest of the day and life looks and feels fantastic."
—Ekaterina Chtchelkanova - former soloist with the Mariinski/Kirov Ballet of St. Petersburg, Russia. Former soloist with American Ballet Theatre of New York, N.Y. Recipient of the prestigious Screen Actors Guild award for her portrayal of "Hanyak" in the Oscar-winning movie Chicago.

"Anna Korab's undying passion for ballet and larger-than-life music brings joy and inspiration to the dance community and transforms everyday training into an exceptional adventure. I use her CDs all the time and I listen to them outside of the dance studio to lift my spirit and fill my soul."
—Giada Ferrone - dance educator, Italy. She performed in Europe and the U.S. with Florence Dance Theater. Upon moving to New York, she has been a soloist with the Peridance Ensemble, Neo Labos Dance Theater and many others.

"Anna Korab is a very distinctive musician. Her ability to translate movement exercises and sequences into musical equivalents is fascinating and very uplifting. She is a wonderful artist and her music helps you going through the day."
—Johannes Wieland - is an artistic director, international choreographer and performer; he was a former principal dancer with Bejart Ballet Lausanne and the Berlin State Opera. He is currently associate artistic director for Paradigm, and is also touring around the world with his own dance company.


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